Vanhackaton status 2

2016-10-22_2225 Today was a very productive day!! tons of nice features add to the editor:

  • Converted all the javascript code to run inside an Angular application
  • Create the UI to edit the questions, with add and remove
  • Created the timeline that shows each question position in the video
  • Created backend using node.js and SQLLite
  • Add inline edit to the story title and questions
  • Scroll to the question when clicks on the timeline marker
  • Monitor the execution of the video and pause for the question, tracking the answer in the edit mode

Getting close to the first usable version! next steps:

  • Play the story in separated page
  • “Login” on the first page by entering the email
  • Replace the save button by calls to save on any changes made to the story
  • Deploy to a server