Holidays selfhackaton - the start

The selfhackaton plan!

During this holidays celebration week, I will join myself in a hackaton! Me myself and I will code several new features to Robolucha.

The image above shows the sprint meeting board, when my stakeholder, a.k.a. wife forced me to define priorities and a clear order of what to deliver during this week :) Translating the characters above for something more understandable, here is the list:

  • post about the selfhackaton itself describing the goals (done)
  • merge move() and turn() methods in only one command queue so the commands are not executed in parallel
  • rename start/repeat methods to setup/loop adopting “arduino-like” names
  • post about the ant & hibernate unit tests optimization
  • convert robolucha game presentation layer, the arena itself, to an angular component
  • create the first version of the map editor using the new presentation layer
  • add obstacles to the map editor
  • create the server API to use in map editor elements
  • create new games using the new map editor definitions

Let´s code!